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Former Wells Fargo Executive Alleges The Bank Held Fake Interviews With Women And People Of Color

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are the vibe for most companies to create more equitable and just spaces, but if it’s rooted in dishonesty – wasn’t it counterproductive? The supposed dishonesty has people looking for answers. An ex- Wells Fargo executive alleges that the banking institution held “fake interviews” with women and people of color for jobs already filled to inflate its diversity efforts.

Josh Rodgers

May 19, 2022

'I Was Floored' — Adrienne Harmon-Beckwith Files Complaint After Zep VP Allegedly Uses Racial Slur On Zoom

A resident of the South Side of Chicago, IL is putting her Atlanta-based employer on blast. The Chicago Sun-Times reports Adrienne Harmon-Beckwith filed a complaint against chemical goods company Zep after a vice president allegedly used a racial slur on a Zoom call with other employees in November 2021. Harmon-Beckwith was also the only Black employee on the call. “He must have said it at least another four, five times. I was floored. It was a professional setting. Who does that,” Harmon-Beckwith said, according to Chicago Sun-Times.

Samantha Dorisca

Mar 18, 2022

New Gallup Study Shows One in Four Black Workers Have Faced Discrimination At Work

This new Gallup Poll is proof that discrimination in the workplace is alive and well. Last summer the national conversation on racism and injustices in America hit the forefront in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery, and countless others who lost their lives all because of the color of their skin. Today, a study released by the Gallup Center on Black Voices finds that “about one in four Black (24%) and Hispanic employees (24%) in the U.S. report having been discriminated against at work in the past year.” The findings come from a large-scale Gallup web survey conducted from Nov. 6, 2020, to Dec. 1, 2020, with more than 8,000 respondents surveyed including over 3,500 white workers, more than 2,000 Hispanic workers, and over 2,000 Black workers. Studies show the experiences of Black men (27%) and Black women (23%) are close. Income also plays a part within Black employees in households earning less than $90,000 (24%) annually and even those earning...

Shanique Yates

Jan 12, 2021