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A Loan Denial Led This Founder's Mom To Pawn Jewelry To Survive — Now, His Startup Helps Others Avoid That Fate

There is very little pride like the one connected to the neighborhoods people are from. Whether you are from Los Angeles, CA, New York City, or across the waters in Lagos, Nigeria – many people have a unique sense of pride in the deep points of connection that they have with the places they call “home.” While every home is unique, what exists as a universal truth is some of the challenges that tend to exist in those communities. No place is without its share of issues, from disparities in communal resources to the lack of safe and affordable housing. It is at this intersection that Esusu finds its purpose. Esusu is an institution created to help bridge the wealth gap. A core part of the mission is to alleviate barriers families have to access housing. With the belief that “housing is a fundamental right, and we envision a world without delinquency, housing evictions, and ultimately, homelessness,” the organization is actively working with government and community partners to bring...

Josh Rodgers

Nov 7, 2022