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Dennis Barnes Applies To 200 Schools, Makes U.S. History With The Most Received College And University Offers

A high school senior’s eager pursuit of where to attend college has led him to make history in the process.

Apr 25, 2023

Payton Pitts Applies To 6 Ivy League Schools And Gets Accepted Into All Of Them — 'It Was A Weight Off My Shoulders'

Ahead of his high school graduation, this Chicago student has reached quite the academic achievement.

Apr 13, 2023

Nigerian-American Student Rotimi Kukoyi Gets Accepted Into 15 Schools Including Harvard And Yale, Receives $2M In Scholarship Offers

In 2018, Rotimi Kukoyi — a high school freshman at the time — was one of the gifted students selected to appear on the “Jeopardy!” Teen Tournament. Now, the star senior has gone on to excel even further after getting accepted into some of the top schools in the nation, according to ABC News.  

Jun 17, 2022