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The Best AI Tools To Use In 2024

Artificial intelligence is now a major part of our daily lives, shaping how we interact with technology personally and professionally. Businesses, in particular, are beginning to use AI tools to streamline operations and enhance efficiency on daily tasks. With platforms like ChatGPT on the rise, AI is not just about optimizing existing workflows; it can also open doors to new business opportunities. As organizations and professionals continue to explore the capabilities of AI, we’re witnessing a shift in how businesses operate and compete in the global marketplace . As these changes continue, embracing these advancements and the tools available to make your skills sharper in the workplace is important. The Increase Of AI In The Workforce With most companies already utilizing AI in some capacity, its adoption continues to expand in our day-to-day roles. Businesses across industries, from small startups to corporations, are beginning to use AI tools and shortcuts to reach their goals....

Corinne Dorsey

Mar 1, 2024

The Dead Internet Theory Is Just As Scary As It Sounds

If you spend most of your time online, you may have experienced the Dead Internet Theory; a speculative concept suggesting that bots and algorithms generate most internet content, marginalizing genuine human engagement and communication. According to this theory, algorithmic curation dominates the digital landscape, forcing organic human activity to the sidelines. But what’s behind this theory, and how does our growing reliance on artificial intelligence play into it? What Is The Dead Internet Theory? We now exist in an increasingly digital world where the idea of stumbling upon something new and organic fades away, and algorithms predict our every move before we even make it. That’s the essence of Dead Internet Theory. The fun of exploring the internet has already started disappearing as AI learns what we want online, limiting the organic material we can view. A few users on X, formally known as Twitter , are worried that this trend will continue and might lead to the downfall of...

Corinne Dorsey

Mar 1, 2024

6 Easy Ways To Make Money Using ChatGPT In 2024

ChatGPT has grown to be one of the most popular platforms for daily use by students and professionals across the globe. Yet, many don’t realize the vast ways to make money from ChatGPT. From aiding customer service to generating content, this advanced language model has allowed individuals to leverage its capabilities for financial gain. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI , is an AI language model trained to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. It utilizes learning techniques to understand context, syntax, and semantics, enabling it to produce relevant responses across various topics. The AI platform follows directions based on your given requests, so being specific when navigating the platform will support getting the content you’d like created. The platform is also not foolproof, so double-checking and reviewing the content it produces is helpful to ensure no misinformation is shared. If you’re interested in monetizing ChatGPT, here are some ways to take advantage of...

Corinne Dorsey

Mar 1, 2024

10 Problem-Solving ChatGPT Prompts For Your New Tech Startup Idea

Surviving in the startup world means having a unique and original idea that is well-executed with the help of all available resources. This is not an easy feat. That being said, new technology like ChatGPT is making the planning and ideation stage of creating a startup a bit easier. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot with vast knowledge that can aid in developing startup ideas. However, it works best when provided with a specific prompt relevant to your goals. Before diving into detailed prompts, having a general idea of the technology space or problem you want to tackle is ideal. If you are still exploring potential tech startup concepts in general, you can begin by having ChatGPT generate a list of 10 varied technology startup ideas (or any number you specify). This gives you a starting point to choose a direction to refine further using more targeted prompts. Read on for examples of prompts you can enter into chat gpt to help generate your next tech startup idea. Problem-Solving ChatGPT...

Leah Jones

Jan 5, 2024

From Mimicking Kendrick Lamar's Voice To Replacing Therapists, AI's Everywhere — Here's What We Know

Over recent years, we’ve seen the rise of crypto, non-fungible tokens (NFT), and now, artificial intelligence (AI). The trending topics have made their way from the tech world and into pop culture. During an episode of the popular “ The Friend Zone” podcast, the hosts even discussed a controversial viral moment involving AI. A clip circulated online of an AI-backed voice filter mimicking Kendrick Lamar’s voice. “I hope for something in the media or something in humans to spark to where we don’t have to feel as cautious as we do when things like this arise because what if this could be used for something good?” host Assanté said during the episode when talking about potential laws and regulation. He added: “As technology grows, how do we become more responsible? How do we actually use this for the betterment of ourselves and our future? Just making sure that things go right versus using [AI] to go wrong.” The hosts’ discussion was based on Young Guru’s response to the clip. The...

Ngozi Nwanji

Mar 17, 2023

Kenyan Workers Paid Less Than $2 Per Hour By OpenAI To Work On ChatGPT, Report Says

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, has become a trending topic since it hit the tech scene. However, an investigative report has been released that details the alleged exploitation to improve it.

Ngozi Nwanji

Jan 26, 2023