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How Harry Belafonte Amassed A $30M Fortune During His Career And Led His Kids To Follow In His Footsteps

Before there was Michael B. Jordan or Jonathan Majors, there were men like Harry Belafonte and Billy Dee Williams. What is the common denominator here? Regardless of generational differences, all these men were considered the “it guys” of the industry. From their on-screen performances to their ability to swoon their admirers, fans from all over were consistently captivated by the very presence of these individuals. Belafonte was one of the pioneers of this movement for Black men, and many aunties and grandmothers across the globe would tend to agree. However, Belafonte was much more than his looks and charisma. A Harlem native, Belafonte is of Jamaican descent. After facing trouble in school, he served in the Navy during World War II. Upon returning to the states post-service, he attended a theatrical performance at the American Negro Theater. According to Turner Classic Movies, that moment snatched his interest, and he began seriously pursuing acting. He enrolled in acting classes...

Josh Rodgers

Mar 1, 2023