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How Cari Champion's Mentorship Program, Brown Girls Dream, Has Ushered Young Black Women Into Higher Positions In Sports And Media

Cari Champion has always been a certified go-getter. So much so that before becoming an esteemed broadcast journalist and TV personality, Champion traveled across the country to pursue her dreams. After interning at local news stations, working as an assignment editor at Channel 13, and sending her resume tape to countless companies, the Los Angeles, CA, native received a call from a news director in West Virginia about a job opening, she shared in a previous interview with radio show “The Breakfast Club.” Despite the long distance, Champion jumped at the opportunity. “My checks might have been like $450 every two weeks,” Champion told the show. “I could’ve been working at a fast-food restaurant, making more money at the time. [The news director] he’s like, ‘We’ll give you the job. It’s a one-man band. You gotta shoot the camera yourself. You gotta edit everything yourself’… And I was like, ‘OK.’ That was it. And I packed up my Nissan Altima with whatever little things I had and...

Mar 27, 2024

As A Black Woman In Media, Cari Champion's 'Creating A Voice That Cannot Be Denied' And Making More Space At The Table

James Brown boldly proclaimed in one of his most famous songs, “this is a man’s world.” He then quickly came to his senses and clarified that statement by saying, “it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” Since the beginning of time, girls and women worldwide have been building strong spaces as they lead and excel across various industries. And if one wants to talk about excellence in journalism, some prominent names such as Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, and Robin Roberts come to mind. However, you can’t let the list keep running without the commentary of younger Black women who are also forging paths and making waves, like Angela Rye, Jemele Hill — and Cari Champion. Champion is a noted journalist and broadcaster known for her unapologetic commentary, insightful dialogue, and championing (no pun intended) gender equity. And much of her power manifested during Super Bowl LVII weekend as she partnered to celebrate the Black women journalists making headline-worthy strides and...

Mar 14, 2023