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Ruben Harris' Career Karma Announces $40M Series B Funding Round

Career Karma is still on a mission to help more people break into the tech industry . The company — founded by Ruben Harris — seeks to provide those wanting to launch careers in tech by equipping them with the right job training programs and support as they progress throughout their careers. Today, the company has even announced a $40 million Series B funding round that was led by Top Tier Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based global venture capital firm. With the latest funding round, the company will expand into higher education as well as lock in new key roles at Career Karma. “There is currently not one company that dominates the reskilling space. Whichever player aggregates demand will become the category leader in the $2.2 trillion post-secondary education market ,” said Credit Karma CEO Ruben Harris in an official news release shared with AfroTech. “With over 10 million job openings in the United States and more than 4 million people who have recently quit their jobs,...

Jan 10, 2022

Talent Platform Career Karma is Using Its Rapid Growth to Become the Top Hub For Career Advice

Over the course of 2020, Americans have witnessed a large decline in employment across the country due to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To add onto that, income inequality and rapid reskilling for under-sourced people have both become some of the most critical issues in our society that need to be addressed. In an effort to provide viable solutions for the blue-collar workforce during this crucial time, online talent platform Career Karma has set out to build a repeatable and scalable system designed to match workers across the country with higher-paying jobs and more fulfilling careers. “We want to help a billion people in ten years,” said CEO and co-founder Ruben Harris. “In the last year, over 50 million Americans filed for unemployment due to COVID-19, most of them being Black and brown [people]. We want to effectively reskill and upskill those people quickly into jobs in a short amount of time and there’s no other platform that exists in order to do that.”...

Dec 9, 2020

CEO Ruben Harris Uses His Story to Help People Transition Into Tech on His Platform Career Karma

If you’re someone looking to launch a career in tech or make the transition into the industry, Ruben Harris and his team at Career Karma are your guys! AfroTech’s Will Lucas had the chance to sit down with the Bay Area transplant from Atlanta, Georgia to discuss how the app helps job training programs find qualified applicants. As the CEO and co-founder of Career Karma and someone who was once like the job seekers looking for an opportunity within their respective fields, Harris first broke into his career within technology after writing a viral blog post called Breaking Into Startups. It was this blog post that showed how he was able to move to San Francisco without a job before landing a position just three weeks later. During the Black Tech, Green Money podcast, Harris shares how he used his same motivation and hunger for breaking into tech to develop his platform in response to the thousands of emails that followed the viral post with other users hoping to have the same success....

Nov 17, 2020

Top Salary Negotiation Tips for New Tech Professionals

After you have successfully completed a job interview, the inevitable question of your new salary will come up. If you are just starting out as a new engineer, it can be difficult to figure out what salary you should ask for, and whether or not the number you have in mind is correct. In fact, many new software engineers , data scientists , and web designers skip the salary negotiation process altogether, even if employers are flexible on compensation, because the process can be tedious and nerve-wracking. Salary negotiation can be scary, especially when you’re just getting started. However, if you have a specific salary in mind, or think you are worth more than the salary offered by the job, you should not hesitate to negotiate. While you may not have as much experience as other engineers, if you can prove your worth to an employer, you’ll be surprised at how flexible they can be. To help you navigate your first salary negotiation as a new tech worker, we’ve compiled a list of top...

Feb 13, 2020

How to Choose a Coding Bootcamp in 2020

Coding bootcamps are short, intensive education programs designed to help people learn to code and prepare for a specific career in technology. Over the last decade, coding bootcamps have become a popular way to break into a career in tech. More than 20,000 people were expected to graduate from a bootcamp in 2019 alone. Bootcamps teach subjects ranging from full-stack web development to digital marketing and equip people with the practical knowledge they need to thrive in the modern labor market. Toward the end of a bootcamp, students receive career guidance covering everything from writing resumes to searching for a job. This improves job prospects after graduating. But how do you choose a coding bootcamp when there are hundreds of options, each with their own learning style and offerings? Let’s break down the top factors you should consider when deciding which coding bootcamp you’ll attend in 2020. 1. Read the Student Outcomes After deciding what type of bootcamp you want to...

Feb 7, 2020