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Capricorns Tend To Be Hard-Working, But These Black Celebs Embody The Business Acumen Of The GOAT

Zodiac signs are a popular indicator of people’s vibes, personality traits, and work ethic. Regardless of how people feel about the predictive nature of astrology, what can’t be denied is the interesting grouping of people that exist within the respective zodiac cohorts. And, like everything else, there are some dope Black people doing extraordinary things in every category. Capricorns — people born between Dec. 21 and Jan. 21 — are perfect examples of those who are killing the game when it comes to business.  However, Vice may have described them best as “level-headed, hard-working, down-to-earth people, but get to know them better, and a party animal may be let loose.” via GIPHY Check out this list of notable Capricorns holding it down for their fellow zodiac family, who either have achieved or are well on their way to GOAT status.

Jan 20, 2023