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From A Food Network TV Show To A McCormick Seasoning — Inside The Empire Tabitha Brown's Built Thanks To One Viral Video

Building a business empire off of just being yourself is a major flex. And Tabitha Brown is making it look easy, honey . Last year, when AfroTech spoke exclusively with the entrepreneur and vegan food influencer, she shared that her agent told her not to record anything for social media in order to be taken seriously in Hollywood. Thankfully, Brown made her own choice to follow the digital route. For those who may believe that her stardom started on TikTok, it actually started from her Faceboo k reaction video to Whole Foods’ TTLA sandwich. The video garnered a million views in a week on the social media giant and even led to her becoming the market’s plant-based ambassador. Ever since recording the viral sensation in her car, Brown has gone on to organically dominate across all social media platforms including her nearly five million followers on TikTok. Her likeness as the “world’s favorite mom” has transformed into a rapidly growing list of ventures that AfroTech continues to...

Ngozi Nwanji

Aug 10, 2022

From Greene Realty to Greene Moments: How One Real Estate Entrepreneur is Building a Business Empire

Augustine Diji is no stranger to real estate. He grew up the son of a proud psychiatrist who practiced in Buffalo, New York. Early on, his father planted the seeds of ownership and strategic action. The memory cemented his understanding of property acquisition as a tool for wealth building that would change his own life trajectory. While Diji became an adult and went on to practice law, his understanding of real estate and related issues enabled him to easily acquire several properties to build wealth. However, the economic downturn of the late 2000s found him in danger of losing his very foundation. Over a two-year period, Diji fought desperately to retain all that he had worked so hard to acquire. The battle to maintain his property represented a personal and professional tug of war in other areas of his life. Diji emerged, but not unscathed. Grateful for having overcome his situation, he turned his experience into opportunities to give back. He began coaching friends and...

Emily Adeyanju

Feb 5, 2020