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Here's How Jon Laster Created A Tool To Help People Locate Black-Owned Businesses One Geo-Location At A Time

What if you had direct access to all of the Black-owned businesses within your reach from the click of a button? You don’t have to guess with Blapp, the revolutionary new Black-owned app that offers shoppers an optimized search engine to help them find Black-owned businesses both locally and online. Founder Jon Laster created the application out of his own desire to locate businesses to support while traveling from gig to gig as a comedian. After being forced to make a career pivot due to the pandemic and recalling how hard it could be to pinpoint businesses led by people who look like him, it was time to take things to the next step. “To be honest, it was a career pivot because I was out of work,” Jon Laster recalled in an exclusive interview with AfroTech . “And to be honest, I was out. I did all of the marching and things like that, but while I was out on Eastern Parkway marching it dawned on me that marching isn’t always sustainable. I’m not knocking people for marching because...

Feb 6, 2022