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BlackRock Is 'Meeting Diversity Goals,' But Is The Company Struggling To Retain Black And Latinx Employees?

The question that is sure to come up when talking about an event is, “Who all gone be there?” While it’s typically asked in jest, it’s usually posed to determine if a person would want to attend the event or how long they should stay there. For the people at asset management firm BlackRock Inc., the answer to that question would not include a majority of Black and brown people. Bloomberg reported that Black and Latinx leaders are quitting rapidly, despite “meeting diversity goals.”

Apr 28, 2023

How Abraxas Higgins Pivoted From Wall Street Analyst To Content Creator

Abraxas Higgins is a sensation making a splash in the fashion, lifestyle, and social audio space, but his journey into the creative realm was not overnight. Before becoming a successful content creator, he worked for seven years in the financial sector at the largest global asset management company, BlackRock. Abraxas Higgins managed to climb toward the top starting as an intern and landing a role as a strategist on Wall Street. Arguably, Abraxas Higgins was at the peak of his game but discontent loomed in the back of his mind because he knew there was far more he wanted to pursue. Higgins believed it was time to make a shift to pursue his lifelong passions. Taking a leap of faith, he quit his well-compensated position and moved to Los Angeles to work as a digital strategist for rapper David Sabastian. In this transition, Abraxas Higgins found his footing and the confidence to branch out into the creative industry. As he branched out, he became a spectator of fashion and indulged in...

Jan 17, 2022

A New Fund From BlackRock Inc. And Thomson Reuters Will Invest In Diverse Companies

BlackRock Inc. and Thomson Reuters have teamed up to launch an exchange-traded fund(ETF) that’s investing in companies that prioritize diverse and inclusive employment. According to BlackRock, most ETFs focus on just a few topics, such as gender or race. In contrast, their ETF will track 24 different metrics under diversity, inclusion, people development and news and controversies. The new ETF will track those 24 metrics throughout 2,000 publicly-traded companies and keep track of the top 100 companies from that group based off of those factors. “Within our corporate culture, we do see the benefits of building and flourishing an inclusive organization,” Elena Philipova, global head of diversity at Thomson Reuters , said, “We’ve seen the financial benefits of doing so.” The fund has a charge of .25% and is the 15th of BlackRock’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ETFs. They just launched a fintech-themed ETF earlier this month.

Sep 28, 2018