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Why Employee Resource Groups Are A Win-Win For Black Professionals And Their Employers

Have you ever felt slightly reserved during your first day at a new job? You quietly take in many of the elements of the new environment and mentally observe the vibes of the people that come with it. At some point, an opportunity presents itself for you and your colleagues to come together. There are a few options for groups to engage with, and with very little thought, you choose the group you assume you have the most in common with. This process is the power of culture and acknowledgment of community. According to Medical News Today, people desire to be in community. It is explained as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Despite how overt many people are in avoiding human interaction, Maslow’s theory suggests there’s an innate sense of belonging that people crave. At this intersection, many corporations create programming around these human needs through employee resource groups (ERGs).

Josh Rodgers

Mar 15, 2023