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This 28-Year-Old's Pandemic Hobby Turned Into A Booming Bakery Business With Celebrity Clientele

Imagine earning a living doing something that you actually love to do! As the founder of her very own business, Lara Adekoya doesn’t have to imagine, she’s living the dream. Fleurs et Sel is a baking company that was launched by Adekoya during the pandemic and combines her two favorite things — flowers and salt. Adekoya spent most of her teenage years living in France, so Paris became a second home to her. With the French language holding a special place in her heart, it was only right that it influenced the name of her brand too. Adekoya’s vision for Fleurs et Sel came from a hobby that she revisited during the height of the pandemic to keep her spirits lifted and bring back some of the joy she felt during her childhood. “I wasn’t working the typical corporate job when the pandemic hit, I actually worked at Nordstrom and so when the stay-at-home orders kicked in, my day looked very different from my sister and boyfriend who spent a lot of their time on Zoom calls and meetings all...

Aug 20, 2021