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Fashion Nova Removes Dress From Its Website After Allegedly Stealing Anifa Mvuemba's Hanifa Design

A win has commenced for Black fashion designers. Fashionista reports that a design initially stolen from Hanifa’s Anifa Mvuemba has officially been removed. Exactly. — + (@AnifaM) September 6, 2022

Sep 6, 2022

Hanifa's Anifa Mvuemba Shares Frustration After Her Design Is Stolen By A Fast Fashion Brand: 'This Sample Took Me Monthssss To Perfect'

Black designers’ work is being stolen from day by day. On Aug. 29, Hanifa’s Anifa Mvuemba came forward with her own story. In a tweet, the founder and fashion designer voiced her frustration since one of her designs being stolen. “Only because this sample took me monthssss to perfect,” she wrote. “This is actually crazy. I’m not going to tag or mention them. But this is crazy.” Only because this sample took me monthssss to perfect. This is actually crazy. I’m not going to tag or mention them. But this is crazy. — + (@AnifaM) August 29, 2022  

Aug 30, 2022

Hanifa's Anifa Mvuemba Looks For New Ways to Use Tech in Fashion and Shares Advice For Emerging Designers

Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba staged one of the most groundbreaking runway shows last Spring. Picture it: curve-hugging dresses, waist-cinching tops, and floor-sweeping pants sashaying down an invisible catwalk — but make it 3D. Mvuemba’s futuristic and captivating showcase of the Pink Label Congo collection for her Hanifa brand aired on Instagram and put her on the fashion industry’s radar. Since, Mvuemba’s stunning, sophisticated designs have been worn by stars like Zendaya and Beyoncé, and on fashion magazine covers, including InStyle. Though she hasn’t quite caught up with all the attention she’s received from her first big moment in the fashion spotlight, she’s vigorously working to outdo herself. “There are still so many things lingering from last year,” she says. “My team and I are just starting to breathe again. I’m always challenging myself to elevate my brand and to be a step ahead.” AfroTech caught up with Mvuemba to discuss tech in fashion, advice for emerging...

Mar 31, 2021

These Black Women CEOs Shook the Table in 2020

Time and time again Black women have proven that they know how to get things done — even during a year like 2020. With diversity and inclusion at the forefront, it’s been amazing to see all of the boss women she-eos who are changing the narratives when it comes to ownership. Forbes reports that over 50 percent of women-owned businesses are led by women of color. Yet, those same women have the odds stacked against them. Despite the lack of resources, and other setbacks these Black women CEOs have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with not only this year but beyond. Check out some of our favorite Black women CEOs who shook the table in 2020 below: Melissa Butler Photo Credit: After becoming frustrated with unrealistic standards of beauty defined by the industry, Melissa Butler decided to create her own vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, The Lip Bar, to combat the issue of diversity within the beauty industry. Butler and her empire are a reminder that the...

Dec 31, 2020

Anifa Mvuemba Changes the Game With Virtual 3D Fashion Show

On Friday (May 22), designer Anifa Mvuemba singlehandedly changed the fashion game. Her latest Hanifa collection, Pink Label Congo, debuted via Instagram Live using 3D models, who emulated the hip-swaying swagger and full-bodied beauty of Black women. The contemporary line was inspired by her hometown in the Congo, of which she debuted a film short about the issues facing the women and children of the country like illegal mining. Nevertheless, the innovative digital show transported viewers to the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a floor-sweeping silk gown, a wide-legged denim suit, an off-the-shoulder ruched top, and other jaw-dropping pieces that reference the delicate power and femininity of the women of the Congo. “I want these pieces to tell a story of meaning,” she told Teen Vogue . “I want them to remind us to be intentional about what we create. Not for clout or for Instagram likes, but for the sake of meaning what we say by storytelling through our designs.”...

May 26, 2020