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Morgan State to Add African American and African Diaspora Studies Minor to Meet Demand For Ethnic Studies

Morgan State University is adding a new degree minor as students are showing more interest in ethnic studies, according to announcement. To meet demand, the HBCU’s James H. Gilliam, Jr. College of Liberal Arts launched a degree minor in African American and African Diaspora Studies (AAAD) for undergraduate students. Students can add the new minor to their majors regardless of what they are already studying. The university is hoping this addition will strength and expand its African American and African Diaspora Studies program. “The addition of the new interdisciplinary program in African American and African Diaspora Studies will afford Morgan students a holistic and intensive study of the far-reaching impact the diasporic populations of the African continent have contributed and continue to contribute to societies around the world,” said M’bare N’gom, dean of Morgan’s State’s College of Liberal Arts, in a statement. “Through this interdisciplinary program, MSU students will...

Feb 11, 2021

These African and African American Entrepreneurs Came Together to Build A Community in Ghana

These African and African American entrepreneurs are giving back the best way they know-how. Kofi Anku, shareholder and board member, is a mission to give back to his community through Ayi Mensah Park, a vibrant 200-unit townhouse community tucked right at the foot of the Aburi Hills in Accra, Ghana. When asked “Why Ghana?” Anku told SHOPPE BLACK that the decision was obvious. Although he was born in Ohio — to Ghanaian parents — it was imperative for him to connect the two worlds. Anku says he and his family’s vision to collaborate is what excites him the most about this project. He reveals they invested in real estate as a family back in the 90s and “were looking to connect with partners who would help them establish their vision.” He hones in on how the CEO and founder of BlackIvy, Cheryl Mills, did just that. Connecting the African diaspora is what Anku says is one of the most important missions of the community that he and his team continue to strive toward building in Ghana....

Sep 8, 2020

Cryptocurrency's Benefits Have Potential to Advance Black America

The digital revolution is upon us and the future of money as we know it could potentially involve a transition to digital currency. Cryptocurrency, the internet-based asset designed to act as a medium of exchange, is a fairly new concept we’ve been introduced to in recent years. It offers an alternative method of payment online that can be used to purchase goods and services. As the demand for virtual money increases, the Black community has an opportunity to get ahead and take advantage of its potential benefits. According to Investopedia , Bitcoin, a decentralized form of cryptocurrency without the use of a central bank between online users, is unique. Bitcoin helped usher new radical forms of digital money that can operate outside of corporations and the government. Its popularity rose in 2017 starting a trend of people buying bitcoin. Black Enterprise reported that author Isaiah Jackson published a book last July called “Bitcoin & Black America,” which delves into how Bitcoin...

Mar 19, 2020

Black WallStreeter Provides Critical Financial Literacy to Youth

According to a 2015 report from PwC , millennials lack the financial education that they need to thrive in today’s world. The report found that over 40 percent of millennials relied heavily on costly payday loans and rent-to-own financing alternatives, and more than 20 percent made withdrawals from their retirement accounts. While parents may shake their heads at these figures, Kevon L. Chisolm, Esq. is one parent who believes the solution is simple — start early. Chisolm, who is president of Umoja Investments, LLC, began teaching his 11-year-old son , Kamari Chisolm, about finances at an early age. The need to share this knowledge with other young people led the father-and-son duo to establish Black Wallstreeter Consultation Services in 2019. The company works with schools to increase youth knowledge of building and retaining wealth through investments and other means. “It is important for youth to learn about how to build financial wealth and investing, because the sooner...

Dec 31, 2019

Data Reveals Black McDonald's Franchisees Make Less, Own Less

Owning a McDonald’s franchise may become an increasingly uphill battle for Blacks in America, according to Business Insider . A recent series of reports highlights the ownership and income disparities for Black operators of McDonald’s franchises. Business Insider examines data obtained from the National Black McDonald’s Operators Association, which has existed for over 50 years to support Black McDonald’s company owners in their business efforts. Statistics show that in 2012, Black franchises earned $319K compared to the $344K earnings of fellow franchises. By 2017, that gap had widened to $312K versus $372K. Black franchises earned $60K less than other franchises operating within the five years outlined, and Blacks have owned fewer franchises in general. The past decade has seen a 100-store drop for Black company owners. These figures are alarming, considering that there are less than 2,000 McDonald’s franchises overall . NBMOA data and Business Insider interviews of Black...

Dec 30, 2019