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Black Professions Make Up 7.4 Percent Of The Tech Industry, And Adam Williams Launched A Lifestyle Brand To Change That

Very few songs serve as an appropriate soundtrack for knocking down doors and making waves in specific spaces, like the 1996 classic “Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check” by Busta Rhymes. And after spending some time in tech and taking notice of the landscape, Adam Williams has a similar sentiment. For decades, the tech industry has been riddled with systemic barriers that have made access points difficult for people of color, specifically the Black community. While notable examples of organizations are doing the active and intentional work to change the tides of this lack of equitable and inclusive representation, there is still much more work left to be done. According to a CNBC report, Black professionals make up about 7.4 percent of the tech industry. This number drastically decreases for Black women in the same field. According to the same report, Black women only comprise 1.7 percent of the tech workforce. With such low numbers, the need to create programming and initiatives that...

Aug 31, 2022