To call Stevie Wonder a legend would truly be a massive understatement. Since the 1960s, his music has defined generations and reshaped our musical soundscape. Signed to Motown Records at just eleven-years-old, his classic albums — including “Songs in the Key of Life” — have earned the musical prodigy a legion of fans, including none other than former President Barack Obama. Wonder, born Stevland Hardaway Morris, has also produced a staggering number of hit records, with more than thirty tracks topping the Billboard charts at Number 1.

Whether it’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” “Overjoyed,” “Superstitious,” or “Superwoman,” everyone on the planet knows at least one Stevie Wonder song. But that’s not all Stevie Wonder has produced in his decades of fame. The prolific singer, songwriter, and talented multi-instrumentalist is also a father of nine children. With so many mouths to feed, Stevie Wonder is quite blessed to tout a multi-million dollar fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the “Part-Time Lover” singer has an estimated value of over $200 million, making him well off, even while providing for nine children from five different women.

Let’s take a look at how Stevie Wonder’s nine children are living up to his impressive legacy.

Editorial note: The net worth listed in this piece is a speculative estimate drawn from a variety of online sources.

Aisha Morris

Photo Credit: Maury Phillips

Aisha is arguably the most famous of Stevie Wonder’s children, as one of his best-known tracks — “Isn’t She Lovely” — was written in her honor. Born in April of 1975, Aisha quickly became a muse for her Grammy-winning dad, and can even be heard on the recording of “Isn’t she Lovely.”

According to a write-up in Rolling Stone, Stevie Wonder confirmed “The sound of my daughter Aisha splashing in the bathtub created a picture. That was emotion stuck in a moment, and that can never, ever be taken away.”

Aisha was present during Wonder’s 1989 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as the 1996 Grammy Awards, which saw the talented multi-hyphenate accepting a lifetime achievement award. She then went on to become a Grammy nominee herself, performing alongside her father at multiple live shows, and lending her vocals to the duet “Positivity.”

In 2018, Aisha signed on as the music director at Los Angeles radio station KJLH, where she runs the boards when she’s not busy touring with her superstar dad, or occasionally dropping in on “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.”

As of 2000, Aisha has had a child of her own, making Stevie Wonder a proud grandfather.

Keita Morris

Photo Credit: Jeff Haynes

Like his father and older sister, Keita Morris was naturally inclined toward music from a young age. Born in 1977, Keita grew up close with Aisha, before eventually moving to New York City to begin a record label titled Stay Gold.

Since the late 1990s, Keita has been scratching the boards and producing original music under the moniker DJ Jersey Wonder. He is also a family man with two lovely children, making his multi-millionaire dad a grandparent twice over.

Mumtaz Morris

Photo Credit: Brian To

Like his father, Mumtaz Morris is also a musician. He sang the American National Anthem in Japan in 2009, which you can see below.

Born in 1983, Mumtaz is the first of Stevie Wonder’s children to be born to his collaborative partner Melody McCully. McCully is best known as the vocalist of the hit song “That’s What Friends Are For,” though she performed alongside Wonder for many years.

Mumtaz grew up largely away from the limelight in Southern California, and had a natural inclination towards sports before taking up singing and piano lessons at 17. Since getting serious about music however, Mumtaz has amassed an impressive collection of tracks with some high-profile guest features.

He joined his father on stage at the 2010 Hollywood Bowl for a performance of the track “Ribbon in the Sky,” and even released his own song titled “Do It Well” with Snoop Dogg later that year.

Mumtaz has five children with his wife, Candace, whom he married fresh out of high school. Though he never pictured a career in music as a child, Mumtaz is a shining example of Stevie Wonder’s unshakable generational talent.

Sophia Morris

Photo Credit: Sophia Morris

Following in the footsteps of many of her elder family members, Sophia Morris is a singer and songwriter, who sometimes goes by Sophia Morris Wonder in a clear homage to her dad.

For Sophia, however, music is just the tip of the iceberg.

She also served as a coordinator and producer for the World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture in 2020, and collaborated with celebrity jeweler Boodaddy Diamonds to launch a line of special jewelry with Braille lettering in honor of her father.

The Braille letters spell out the word “love.”

In a profile piece with toofab, Sophia explained “The vision [for the jewelry] was for it to be inspired by the work that I’m doing with children who are visually impaired. I’m working on developing a nonprofit and luckily I was able to share that vision with Boodaddy Diamonds and we put it together.”

Like many of Stevie Wonder’s kids, Sophia is very close with the “Superstition” singer, even referring to him as her best friend in a 2022 birthday post to Instagram.

Kwame Morris

Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre

If you’re reading this thinking there’s no way every single one of Stevie Wonder’s children are accomplished singers, be prepared to breathe a sigh of relief. Stevie’s fifth child, Kwame, is a model, represented by Storm Models, according to his Instagram page.

He is also the founder of Yagan Stone Eyewear, which he launched in 2020.

Kwame’s modeling work has been featured in numerous publications across the globe, including Vogue Italia and Prada.

Kwame is also deeply principled in his pro civil rights beliefs. He famously took a knee alongside his father in 2017 during the Global Citizen Festival, protesting police brutality in the image of NFL legend Colin Kaepernick. Kwame has since used his social media to champion for causes such as Black Lives Matter and COVID safety, and encouraged his followers to get out and vote their conscience at the polls.

Kailand Morris

Photo Credit: Kristy Sparow

Kailand Morris has also branched into new and exciting avenues for his family. The young mogul is being called the “one to watch” in the modern fashion industry. As a model and an aspiring fashion designer, Kailand has walked in shows for Iceberg, Comme des Garçons, and Jacquemus, amongst others. He also has his own clothing line called House of Kom, according to WWD.

Before Kailand settled on the fashion industry, he too explored music as an outlet, and even played drums with his father on tour. He has stated that his favorite song is “Superstition,” prompting Stevie Wonder to extend an offer for his young son to join him for the song on stage.

Like his siblings, Kailand has been open about the deep inspiration he has received from growing up in his father’s orbit, and has even expressed an intention to become the world’s youngest black billionaire. At the time of this writing, Kailand is 22 years old, meaning there’s still a real chance of achieving this lofty goal.

Mandla Morris

Photo Credit: Rachel Luna

Like his older siblings, Mandla Morris is an aspiring model. According to his Instagram page, he’s done campaigns for the Retrouvé skincare line, amongst others.

As the seventh child of Stevie Wonder, Mandla holds the distinct honor of being his father’s birthday twin. The aspiring model was born on May 13, 2005, the very day Stevie turned 55.

In 2018, Mandla appeared on “Dancing With The Stars: Juniors,” where he was met by his older sister Aisha, and later danced during a live performance of “Isn’t She Lovely.” Mandla also had a small cameo in the film “A Star Is Born” that same year.

Zaiah Morris

Stevie Wonder’s eighth child, Zaiah, was born some time before 2014. Though her exact birth date is not public knowledge, she is the first daughter of Wonder’s third wife, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy.

Given that Zaiah is under the age of 18, her life has been quiet and kept out of the spotlight. Still, she was one of several children to be featured in Wonder’s 2020 track “Where Is Our Love Song.”

As the years continue to roll on, chances are the public will continue to see and hear more from Zaiah, as she carves out her own path in life.

Nyah Morris

Stevie Wonder welcomed his ninth and most recent child in late 2014. Nyah is the second child the Grammy Award winner shares with Tomeeka Bracy, who is still married to Wonder today.

Obviously, Nyah’s private life is kept under wraps even more than her older sister, as she is under 10 years old today. Still, it seems clear that Nyah has the whole world in front of her, with plenty of opportunity to break into multiple industries in the creative field. Nyah has the best advantages in life that she could hope for, including eight successful older siblings, and a father with a net worth of $200 million.