When your father is Steve Jobs, you may be a little analytical about the evolution of the iPhone.

This is true for Eve Jobs, who appears to not be a fan of the iPhone 14 design. However, she isn’t the only one because Twitter users are not feeling the update that the renowned tech company unveiled during an event on Wednesday (Sept. 7).

New Model... Where?

The 24-year-old poked fun at the release through a meme shared on her Instagram Story.

In the post, there is an image of a man holding up a brand-new button-down shirt that appears to be the same exact one that he is already wearing.

“Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement,” the meme read.

But What About That Price Tag Though?

Not only did Eve post a funny meme, but so did several others via Twitter.

While slamming the model, which appears to look identical to the previous iPhone 13, users on the social media platform also had questions surrounding its price tag that goes as high as $1,099 for the Pro Max model.

Upcoming Apple Software Updates

As reported by AfroTech, the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) returned to an in-person format following a two-year shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company revealed the details of its upcoming iOS 16 software, which includes features like Apple Pay Later, an iCloud Shared Photo Library, the ability to un-send and edit texts via iMessage, and much more.

When & Where To Buy?

The forthcoming iPhone 14 will come in four different size options that feature the original, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max. Other features include a new camera system as well as a longer battery life.

Physical SIM cards will also be a thing of the past as the company revealed that they’ll be switched out for digital versions.

The Release

Preorders for the iPhone 14 began today (Sept. 9) and the devices will officially go on sale starting Friday (Sept. 16).