Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference may have wrapped its first in-person event since the pandemic, but the features coming down the pipeline are still the talk of the town.

During the week-long event, the leading technology company welcomed developers, students, and media for a first-of-its-kind event at Apple Park tucked away in Silicon Valley and offered first glances at the updated software set to unveil during the fall.

The company had the chance to soak in the newly redesigned MacBook Air as well as an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro powered by the all-new M2 chip. What really had folks sitting at full attention in their seats is the forthcoming abilities of the iOS 16 software.

Beyond that, Apple reiterated its commitment to being a home where technology is accessible to all through programs like the Apple Developer Academy and the WWDC Student Scholars.

Buckle up for a full AfroTech rundown of the festivities.

Introducing iOS 16

AfroTech previously shared that one major update to the software available to iPhone users is the ability to unsend and edit texts via Messages. There are a host of others that folks will want to lean into once it is available including updates to the Lock Screen, Dictation, Maps and more.

With a totally reimagined Lock Screen, users will be able to personalize their devices like never before. From automatic updates to images on the phone’s main screen, to custom font sizes, and an all-new display of widgets, information within the device can be accessed with just a click of a button.

Furthermore, consumers can expect new ways to share images with family and friends through an iCloud Shared Photo Library and will even have the opportunity to watch their favorite videos, including television shows and films, via SharePlay in Messages.

An All-New Way To Pay

Another notable feature includes Apple Pay like it’s never been seen before. The company revealed Apple Pay Later, which will allow users to split the cost of purchases made via Apple Pay into four payments over the course of six weeks.

That’s right, using Apple Pay just got a bit more enhanced and lighter on the pockets by splitting the costs and doing so with no interest or fees.

Technology Resources For Everyone

As previously reported by AfroTech, Apple launched a first-of-its-kind program in Detroit in 2021 to provide aspiring developers with the resources and tools needed to thrive in the industry. It all came full circle for students of the program during WWDC22.

“When I initially started the program, I didn’t know anything about app development at all,” said one Apple Developer Academy student, Erika Frison. “They teach you the fundamentals and basics of everything so we were able to learn the business side, design side, and coding sides. Throughout the program, we do challenges and things that build up or skills and whatever domain that we choose to focus on.”

Frison and her classmates will become the program’s first graduating class next month in July and she admits that it helped bring her love for technology back in such a full-circle way.

WWDC Swift Student Scholar Jones Mays II has the same sentiment about the company fueling his love for technology.

“Being a WWDC Swift Student Scholar has set me up for success in many ways since this program not only allowed me to learn from several fantastic Apple employees and other incredible student challenge winners but also inspired me to continue on my journey to becoming a software engineer one day,” Mays shared.