I guess we’ll call this latest news the Stephen Curry effect.

Business Insider India reports, the price of LinksDAO’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs) nearly doubled after Stephen Curry secured a few on Monday, Jan. 10. Stephen Curry will now have a membership to the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

“Welcome to LinksDAO, @StephenCurry30 – See you on the 1st tee,” according to an official tweet from LinksDAO.

According to Business Insider India, the DAO’s 9,094 NFTs, consisting of 6,363 Leisure Membership NFTs and 2,727 Global Membership NFTs, all sold out within days of its initial offering back in December 2021. The NFTs provide buyers access to LinksDAO’s first golf & leisure club, community, governance, upcoming games, and more, according to the company’s website. Since its launch, OpenSea states the collection has amassed over 5,000 followers and grossed nearly $11 million.

The statistics following Stephen Curry’s purchase are staggering. The non-fungible tokens skyrocketed on the secondary market. Business Insider reports, the Leisure Membership NFT floor price increased from 0.29 ETH (roughly $904) to 0.72 ETH ($2,245). The exclusive tier, the Global Membership, increased from 1.12 ETH ($3,492) to 2 ETH ($6,236).

LinksDAO Perks

The recent uptick could prove to be helpful for LinksDAO. Plus, all members will soon have a chance to enjoy an exclusive golf club, as LinksDAO plans to purchase a real-world golf and leisure club to produce a global home for golf fanatics.

According to the company website, the community will open the first LinksDAO Club location by the end of 2022 or early 2023.