Creators are the future of advertising, and this HBCU alumni-founded music platform wants to ensure they’re paid properly for their content.

Almost three years after closing on a $4.2 million funding round, Breakr, a startup that connects artists and record labels with influencers, has now raised $1.9 million — bringing its total funding to $8.7 million and valuation to $20 million — TechCrunch reports.

The additional funding was led by Slow Ventures, an early-stage focused venture capital firm based in San Francisco, CA. What’s more, the $1.9 million is set to go toward Breakr expanding its team and product development.

Within two years, Breakr has brought on an additional 30,000 content creators and “managed more than $3.5 million in creator transactions,” according to the outlet.

Among Breakr’s artist roster are Nas — who also serves as an investor — Kanye West, Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion, Rick Ross, Future, Gunna, and more. The musicians are alongside companies such as P&G, Meta, and Live Nation that utilize the startup for campaigns.

“Breakr wants to be the Google Ad Words, powered by creators,” Breakr Co-founder Anthony Brown explained, per the outlet. “We believe that with underlying audience data, mass liquidity and intelligence capabilities, it should be as easy to come into Breakr and spend $15,000 as it is to set it and forget it on Google.”

One of Breakr’s updates was adapting to a SaaS model to further make influencer marketing accessible to the masses in music.

“The creator economy, especially in music, is rapidly evolving with a shift towards direct, curated and scalable relationships between digital marketers and creators,” said Brown. “Traditional management tools are becoming obsolete, paving the way for more efficient, relationship-focused technologies. These include platforms that allow easy distribution of personalized content and offers to creators, moving away from high-cost, short-term campaigns.”

He continued, “This trend towards ongoing, evergreen marketing is proving effective, emphasizing the importance of sustained engagement over one-off interactions.”

As Breakr makes waves in the music industry, following it being founded in 2020, it aims to venture into film and TV in the near future.