Set to make a huge splash in the music metaverse, Stage11 is creating an innovative platform to mold a unique experience for artists and fans.

The company was founded by Jonathan Belolo — co-owner of Scorpio Music — to develop a new landscape for artists to have a creative outlet to engage with their fans through interactive performances and music worlds.

Now the Paris-based startup is one step closer to bringing the metaverse experience to fans due to an impressive seed round led by European venture capital fund, Otium Capital totaling $5.77 million, according to PR Newswire.

“As a gamer and sci-fi nerd, It feels like I’ve been dreaming about the metaverse my entire life,” said Belolo in a press release. “Now that as a society we’re on the cusp of making it real, I find myself blessed to be part of an incredible team setting out to explore the new frontier. Building immersive music events and experiences is just the first step. We are on a journey together to reimagine the way artists and brands connect, even co-create, with their fans and audiences. We are combining genres, realities and cultures to build something bold, thrilling and timeless — yet accessible and fun.”

Fans can expect an impressive lineup of partnerships with artists like Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Akon and more.

Artists who are tapping into the new venture will have an opportunity to monetize their work through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). AfroTech previously explained that NFTS are the gateway to monetizing unique and non-replicable bodies of art. Through the digital token collections, fans will be able to create unique content and engage with their top artists.

For fans looking to capture the full experience of the metaverse, Stage11 offers an optimal high-definition experience on desktop. The interactive platform can also be found on mobile, which incorporates new content, social interactions, and mixed realities for a unique streamlined experience.

The first music experience is set to air in 2020.