SZA continues to stun the world with her money moves.

According to NME, the singer-songwriter will be releasing a series of NFTs to celebrate one of her recent live performances. The NFTs will be released later today, July 12.

Last month, SZA performed at the American Express’ Amex UNSTAGED concert series. This concert will serve as the basis for the NFTs that will be available for purchase. Fanaply will be hosting the NFT auction, and the NFTs will also include never-before-seen live photos from behind the scenes of this event.

“To celebrate her Amex UNSTAGED appearance — and the four-year anniversary of her critically-acclaimed debut album, CTRL — SZA is dropping her first-ever collection of NFTs, featuring her favorite moments from the show,” said a product description about the NFTs on Fanaply. “Now you can relive the performance with behind-the-scenes photos not even seen in the livestream.”

She’s just the latest artist to ride the NFT wave. Waka Flocka, the estate of Chadwick Boseman, and more have joined the craze.

Some experts believe that NFTs are the wave of the future.

“What I do see is it will definitely help the art world and artists, and digital art will be an even bigger business. Digital art has been around for a long time. Digital art offers artists to be as creative as they want to be, to explore in so many ways while maintaining and tracking their works on the blockchain,” said Bettinna of BettyMedia to AfroTech. 

Other experts are not so sure.

“How really unique is it? I have a major issue with it in a sense that, anyone can replicate what I consider to be mine and unique. That’s not something I would consider a valuable asset. But hey, that’s me, and I don’t have $700,000 to spend on a picture made by a robot,” said Damon Abramson of Harmony Technologies to Afrotech.

It remains to be seen if SZA will find success with her NFT collection.