“Sometimes you have to see it being the case to know that it is possible.”

That’s what Sindy Wilson told Forbes as she paves the way for more Black women to aspire to lead in the C-suite. The outlet reports that on July 12, 2023, the former Lyft vice president was named chief financial officer (CFO) of Kickstarter. 

Prior to landing the role, Wilson shared that she had never worked with a Black woman CFO. Now, she’ll be leading in the position alongside Everette Taylor, the Black CEO of Kickstarter. The outlet notes that Wilson and Taylor “will be one of the few pairs of Black CEOs and CFOs at a high-profile brand.” What’s more, five of the crowdfunding platform’s most senior leaders are people of color.

“It shows it is possible to have a thriving company that is growing with a diverse leadership team,” Wilson said, according to the outlet.

For two years, the position of CFO was left open at Kickstarter. Taylor shared that the factors that made Wilson the winning candidate were the strength of her resume and years of experience in the space. He also gravitated to her “sense of empathy and high EQ,” which he said are “not always common when you talk about the people [who] are behind the numbers.”

Wilson’s strengths “with buyers and sellers” also will come in handy for pledge management and digital marketing tools, Kickstarter’s first business lines. The launch aims to support creators throughout their funding campaigns and after.

As she embarks on her senior executive path, Wilson has been navigating her perspectives on the workplace environment such as the notion of four-day work weeks, which she is personally all for.

“If we think about psychological safety, if you think about what we’re seeing with more remote workforces, I love the idea of the four day work week. I love the idea of taking care of our team members.”