Shaquille O’Neal has shown us how business savvy he is once again.

The NBA star first shared the news to his “NBA on TNT” co-stars Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley that he purchased a hookah bar, Atlanta Black Star reports.

Shaq's Reasoning

According to Barkley, out of the quartet everyone except for Shaq is a fan of drinking after their show ends on late nights during playoff seasons. When left without a post-show move, he took the matter into his own hands in a big way.

“He’s like, ‘I solved my problem,’” Barkley told Danny Green on “Inside The Green Room.” ”We’re like, ‘We didn’t know you had a problem.’ I found something to do after the show. We’re like, ‘What’s that?’ He says ‘I bought a hookah bar.’”

He continued: “We’re like what? He said, ‘Yeah, I bought a hookah bar so I have somewhere to go after the show.’ We’re like that’s how you solve a problem.”

Apart from happy hours and bar hopping, hookah is one of the most popular nightlife activities that people take part in. What some may view as an impulsive decision has the potential to turn out to be one of Shaq’s best business moves yet.

The Moves Don't Stop

With his extensive portfolio, Shaq continues to reach for higher and bigger.

Last month, AfroTech shared that his food franchise Big Chicken is set to open 50 new locations throughout Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin sometime later in 2022.

“Big Chicken wouldn’t be growing like it is without the team behind it,” he said in a statement. “My team has done a fantastic job making sure we’re growing in the right way, with the right people. Now, we’re going even BIGGER in Texas and I’m excited to be teammates with Fazil, Frank and Noordin.”