From Virgil Abloh’s residual influence on fashion to his artistic footprint on culture, it is a difficult task not to see how his life’s work impacted the world.

Now, a part of his lasting legacy is living on through his wife, Shannon Abloh, as she will reportedly become the CEO and managing director of Virgil Abloh Securities, a creative corporation founded by the late designer.

Keeping It In The Family

While specific details concerning Shannon’s new role are unclear, we do know her work will include ensuring the creative nature of her husband remains intact as the company moves forward.

Shannon and Virgil were high school sweethearts and married in 2009. As a consistent business partner throughout most of Virgil’s career, she was a more behind-the-scenes person related to their business ventures. The announcement is confirmation that Shannon will be moving out front from now on.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, who first announced the role, Shannon is set to release an official statement about her new role that will clear up any uncertainty. She will also provide further detail on the future of Virgil Abloh Securities.

The Work Lives On

Virgil Abloh Securities’ position in philanthropy was set in motion with the Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF) Gala.

In 2020, Virgil Abloh created the Post-Modern Scholarship Fund in partnership with FSF for Black students aspiring to work in the fashion industry. Since its inception, over 40 students have received the scholarship.

As an extension of that work, FSF honored Virgil by continuing the fund with a new class of 23 scholars who received the Post-Modern Scholarship award.

Shannon was present during FSF’s ceremony last month. Her appearance at the gala was her public debut as an official representative of her husband’s work as well as an early indication of her presence and work in the future.