With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, Shake Shack and DoorDash have partnered for a new way to bring in the season of love.

Food & Wine reports that the fast-food restaurant has partnered with the delivery giant to create a chicken sandwich-themed dating microsite called, “Eat Cute,” a play on “meet-cute.” The new food-based dating site is described as a “spicy dating site to help singles find their perfect match over their shared love of Shake Shack’s new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich,” according to the outlet.

“This February, Shake Shack wants all our single fans to find love in a hopeless place — online,” said Shake Shack’s chief marketing officer Jay Livingston in a statement. “By partnering with DoorDash for ‘Eat Cute,’ we are hoping to use our Buffalo Chicken Sandwich to light the initial spark and help singles everywhere spice up their dating experience.”

The idea for the “dating site for chicken lovers” was sparked from chicken sandwiches being in DoorDash’s top 10 most ordered items in February, according to the platform’s data. The partnership follows after their collaboration, “Love Delivered,” was a super-smash in 2021. “Love Delivered” featured a live-streamed Boyz II Men concert, limited-edition menu items, and date-night kits.


How Eat Cute Works

The site is putting a spin on the popular dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. Whenever a user matches with someone, they’re given a free chicken sandwich courtesy of Shake Shack.

For users to set up their profile, the requirements are to upload a selfie and tell the brand “how spicy you like it.” After a match is made, they’ll be given a unique promotional code for the free buffalo chicken sandwich. The catch is that the dating site users’ order must meet a minimum of $20 requirement including the price of the chicken sandwich.

When Eat Cute Ends

The temporary dating site will be available until Feb. 15.

To learn more about Eat Cute, click here.