Saweetie is dedicated to passing on knowledge to the next generation.

Last year, the rapper confirmed that she will teach a branding and marketing course at the University of Southern California (USC), her alma mater, for students to learn how to evolve their business with what’s trending today, as previously reported by AfroTech.

“It’s important for businesses to evolve with modern consumers, generation Z, the millennials,” she shared. “They’re the people spending the money.”

ICY Baby Foundation

To kick off 2023, the upcoming professor is set to teach the youth that financial health is wealth.

Recently, Saweetie announced that ICY Baby Foundation, her nonprofit, is set to launch a financial literacy program in January 2023.

“Youth aged 7-17 years old are eligible to participate in the six-week program and receive a funded debit card, educational resources, and information about saving, budgeting, and financial planning,” the Bay Area native wrote in an Instagram post.


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The Kick-Off Event

Ahead of the official launch, Saweetie stopped by the Oaklandia Cafe to chat with the young future entrepreneurs.

“I’m really grateful that you guys are here. I hope that we can all take something from today and carry it with us for the rest of our lives because I want you guys to all succeed,” she said at the kick-off event. “And I wish that there was somebody talking to me when I was this young.”

Currently, the organization is still accepting applications until Dec. 30.

Saweetie founded the ICY Baby Foundation with her grandmother, Roxane Harper, to actively support Black and brown underserved communities. Along with financial literacy, the foundation provides access to resources about entrepreneurship and technology training, per its website.

According to an ABC interview, the foundation is currently serving Sacramento, Oakland, and Las Vegas but is seeking funding to reach out to more youth across the nation to help in closing the racial wealth gap.

“It’s not [children’s] fault that they’re not aware of [financial literracy] because, in our previous generations, we were only focused on survival mode,” Saweetie told the outlet. “But now, it’s time to teach the kids on how to invest their money, save their money and spend their money. And, I’m just so happy that I’m doing it with my grandmother because she’s been trying to put this in my head since I was a kid.”

If you know of any students between the ages of 7-17 in Oakland, Sacramento, or Las Vegas interested in participating in Saweetie’s financial literacy program, please contact Abesi Manyando ( at ABESI PR.