Everyone was tapped in during Saweetie’s performance at AFROTECH’s Official Music Stage on Nov. 4, 2023.

Samantha Dorisca

During an exclusive interview with AFROTECH, Saweetie hinted that she’d be pleased to return, and if she does, she’s prepared to offer valuable insights into her business journey.

“I felt honored to perform at this year’s AFROTECH Conference. The conference is already innovative within itself. I love that they’re unifying Black Excellence,” Saweetie told AFROTECH. “I can definitely foresee myself not only coming back but speaking on a panel, sharing my insight on what has helped me become a mogul.”

The talent behind “My Type” is well-positioned to offer a wealth of valuable insights, having successfully ventured into diverse industries such as gaming (Microsoft’s Xbox), the world of alcoholic beverages (Jack Daniel’s), and even the clothing business, a sector she first dipped her toe into while attending the University of Southern California (USC) to earn a bachelor’s in communication.

As AFROTECH previously reported, Saweetie launched Money Makin’ Mamis with hats and T-shirts available for purchase from the brand. This was her first foray into entrepreneurship, as noted by Forbes.

Since then, Saweetie’s presence in entertainment has allowed her to become a force in the world of business. Some of her success stems from her music, which has generated over 2 billion cumulative streams thanks to singles such as “Tap In,” per Rolling Stone.

Additionally, it can be credited to her various creative partnerships over the years, which include her own meal with popular fast-food chain McDonald’s (2021), becoming the first-ever Global Culture Consultant for the Champion brand (2022), and even having an edge control product in partnership with Kiss Colors & Care.

While Saweetie’s achievements as an artist and businesswoman are undeniable, it doesn’t equate to her attaching her name to any and every brand. She says she has to already have a liking before forming a partnership.

“As an artist, it’s a blessing that I’m able to use my platform to expand into industries beyond music,” she explained to AFROTECH. “It feels surreal at times, but I am so thankful that my songs continue to open many doors to wonderful opportunities such as this one. As a performer and entrepreneur, I pride myself on strategically merging entertainment and business. I only align with brands that I genuinely like, and I enjoy finding ways to seamlessly blend my music with partnerships and campaigns.”