Russell Wilson and Ciara have yet to cease their commitment to giving back.

Annual Investment To Colorado Nonprofits

Through their partnership with Centura Health — a Colorado-based company that connects families with physicians — the power couple will donate $500,000 annually to Colorado nonprofit organizations, according to a press release.

With their Why Not You Foundation, Wilson and Ciara are set to work in collaboration with Centura’s Health Equity and Advancement Fund. Grant recipients will be selected based on their passions for health equity, education, food security, social justice, and support for children and youth.

“Ciara and I have learned since moving here that Colorado is a place where people take care of one another and take great pride in their communities,” the Denver Broncos quarterback said, according to the press release. “I’m grateful that I can use this opportunity to join with Centura to give back and support individuals and groups making a difference. Together, Centura Health and our Why Not You Foundation will help many more organizations improve and change lives.”

Centura Health's Fund

The press release shares that Centura’s fund has given $5 million to 61 organizations this year, and their mission will continue.

Earlier this week, Centura and the Why Not You Foundation awarded its first recipient, College Track — a program that helps students who face systemic barriers earn bachelor’s degrees — with a $100,000 grant.

“Our Mission for 140 years has called us to do far more than provide high-performing whole person care within the four walls of our facilities. It calls us to go to those people and places where suffering is most acute – with social justice, health equity, food security, and mental health – and build a home there. Today, I am excited to partner with two incredible people who share this commitment,” said Peter D. Banko, President & CEO of Centura Health. “Russell and Ciara live with purpose and lead with love, and we look forward to partnering with them in many incredible ways to extend the healing ministry of Christ to every community, every neighborhood, and every life.”

Giving Back To The Community

This isn’t the first time the couple has given back to the state in which they reside. During Wilson’s time on the Seattle Seahawks, he and Ciara gave back as well.

AfroTech previously reported that the two of them made a $1.75 million investment to rebrand a Seattle charter school.