Russell Westbrook’s passion for sports is spilling into the investment arena.

According to a press release, the Los Angeles Clippers player is investing in the 320-acre sports complex Arizona Athletic Grounds, previously known as Bell Bank Park and Legacy Sports Park, in Mesa, AZ. Per the Phoenix Business Journal, it is not clear how much stake Westbrook acquired in the deal.

Arizona Athletic Grounds caters to the youth and adults offering various athletic programming and events throughout the year. The facility offers eight baseball and softball fields; 19 basketball courts; 24 soccer fields, football and lacrosse fields; 57 indoor volleyball courts; 12 beach volleyball courts; 41 pickleball courts; 22 futsal courts; a 14,000-square-foot performance center; and an array of festival fields.

Its diverse sports offerings draw more than 4 million annual visitors per year.

Looking ahead, Arizona Athletic Grounds leaders hope to accelerate their basketball programming with the help of Russell Westbrook Enterprises.

“Russell is the great American embodiment of advancing community through enrichment and education,” AAG Chairman Chad Brownstein said in a statement. “We are pleased to partner with him at AAG. The alliance will grow our basketball programming and solidify our commitment to at-risk youth.”

Additionally, as a member of the complex’s ownership group, Westbrook will actively contribute to fostering community engagement via his Why Not? Foundation, which was established in 2012 to support underserved populations through the provision of education, mental health resources, and workforce development, as outlined on its website.

Donnell Beverly, president of RWE, also made a statement on behalf of RWE:

“Our goal at RWE is to help Arizona Athletic Grounds become a hub for national basketball tournaments. We’re excited to bring the resources of the Why Not? Foundation to at-risk youth in the Mesa and Phoenix Valley area to create a longstanding relationship with the community.”