Romeo Miller is using his talents to help create a greener future for all.

The rapper-and-entertainer-turned-entrepreneur has officially announced his foray into a new space through a partnership with Richard Patterson, the first Black person to own and operate an exotic car manufacturing company in the United States.

The Dynamic Duo

According to the news release shared with AfroTech, Patterson, who is also known for his work as an engineer in the development of the Tesla Model S, has teamed up with Miller to revolutionize the worlds of technology and automotive through a new venture, Trion and Shango.

“I am thrilled to join focus with Richard Patterson and embark on this transformative journey,” Miller said in the statement. “Together, we will leverage our collective knowledge and resources to drive the advancement of sustainable technology. Our aim is to create a world where cutting-edge innovations harmonize with environmental consciousness, making a positive impact on our planet for generations to come.”

Along with lending his business expertise for the collaboration alongside Patterson, Miller also made a substantial investment in the enterprise spearheaded by the automotive extraordinaire.

The goal is to take the technology and auto industries to the next level with leading-edge advancements in both tech and sustainable transportation.

“Years ago, I met a man named Richard Patterson,” Miller shared in an Instagram Post revealing the news. “A man with one of the highest IQs, but dressed and talked like me. A man who revolutionized the automotive world, and also one of only four automotive engineers in the world that can build a car from vehicle schematics to finished production. Richard Patterson is the genius and innovator they didn’t want you to know about, and I’m here to change that!”


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Introducing Trion and Shango

Trion and Shango, which combines the shared vision between both Patterson and Miller, is an automotive and tech powerhouse that is committed to a greener future.

Per reports, the company has already managed to secure $10 billion in funding. The money will be used to develop self-sufficient energy homes and electric vehicles.

What’s more, another innovative approach being developed by Miller and Patterson includes the use polymer removable batteries, which have been composed to redefine the automotive space as a whole through eco-friendly solutions.

One Step Toward A Greener World

“The inclusion of Romeo Miller in this venture underscores our shared values and determination to effect real change in the tech and automotive landscape,” Patterson said in the news release. “With our combined efforts, we are confident in our ability to push boundaries, shape the future, and lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable world.”

From off-the-grid living to wireless vehicle charging that can be initiated while driving, Trion and Shango aims to create a world that is 100% green, one sustainable initiative at a time.