REVOLT is welcoming new hires.

According to information provided to AfroTech, the company is welcoming Diondre Lewis — who will serve as the company’s chief technology officer — and Chantelle Silveira, who will serve as Senior Vice President of Product. Lewis and Silviera will pioneer change within the media industry and lead technological advancements.

“I’m excited to be a part of REVOLT at such a pivotal inflection point in the history of the company. We are sitting at the confluence of Black culture, media, and technology and we have a unique opportunity to combine all these forces and scale globally,“ Lewis said in a statement provided exclusively to AfroTech.

REVOLT plans to stay ahead of industry trends and believes the strategic hires will advance the company’s goal to promote wealth building for its community in the real world and within the Metaverse.

“REVOLT aspires to be a wealth-building engine for our community so, strategically, we have to build a business that can achieve the high multiples attributed to most tech companies,“ CEO Detavio Samuels told AfroTech exclusively. “The world is changing rapidly as Web3, and all that comes along with it like the metaverse and NFTs, become more mainstream. REVOLT has a critical role to play in partnership with Black creatives to ensure we have control over our own narrative and safe spaces to be our authentic selves in these new ecosystems. In other words, we aren’t going to wait for someone to offer us a seat at their table, we are simply going to build our own.”

Diondre Lewis- Chief Technology Officer

Diondre Lewis serves as an enterprise software expert with industry experience spamming nearly two decades at top companies including IBM, AT&T, Lowes, SavageX Fenty, and various seed-stage startup operations. The Duke University graduate managed small technology companies to provide high-scale agile software systems. In addition, Lewis serves as a Subject Matter Expert and hands-on developer. His skills expand into areas of Digital, Gaming, Mobility, Cloud, Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies. Lewis is also the founder of 501(c)3 public charity IBG Institute which ensures BIPOC students land lucrative positions in the tech field by providing free tech training programs and mentorship.

As Lewis transitions to his new role at the REVOLT team, his acquired knowledge will advance the companies innovative efforts by scaling in the areas of technology, hiring additional talents, and revamping the work in the social media arena, and Web3, among others to place REVOLT as a leader in its ecosystem.

“I look forward to bringing the insight, technological direction, and process knowledge we need to navigate the waters of building and deploying agile, innovative technology products and services—at scale,” Lewis said.

He continued: “This process includes people (talent), process, AND technology. We’re going to leverage groundbreaking advancements in mobile, reactive web, data science, Web3, distributed ledger technology, social media, and cloud to put us in a prime position to compete and win in the global media marketplace. Most importantly, we are using technology to help us reinvest into the culture, facilitating the development of an ecosystem that is centered around ownership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.“

Chantelle Silveira - Senior Vice President of Product

Chantelle Silveira brings in 25 years of experience. The UC Berkeley graduate previously worked at one of Facebook’s top publisher’s Ranker as the Chief Product Officer and averaged more than 73 million visits globally. Furthermore, Silveira garnered fan-led high ranking leveraged by multiple pop culture topics. Her work at the company continued to impress throughout her decade reign, spearheading development for Ranker’s consumer-facing web and mobile apps and obtained over one billion opinions through the company sites across medius TV, film, celebrities, music, sports, and gaming.

Silveira also previously held roles at, Shopzilla and Time Warner. In addition, has furthered her efforts by launching SaaS platform, Ranker Insights, and Watchworthy. Silveira also helms as a board member and investor of coding boot camp Sabio to help women and underrepresented communities become the next generation of engineers.

As Silveira ventures into her new role as SVP she will be build a leading Product organization to support REVOLT’s omnichannel digital roadmap. Both Silveira and Diondre will be responsible for creating new tools and platforms which expand REVOLT’S reach, audience insights, and create new monetization opportunities. REVOLT aims to find its footing in Web3 in its next stage of development and plans to ensure Black creators will be at the forefront.

“I look forward to building processes, teams and technology to improve content development, scale marketing collateral production, advance user acquisition and retention and amplify the voices of the global hip hop diaspora. Specifically with Web3, I look forward to ushering in the new patronage economy without its historical limitations,” Silveira said.