When Cardi B said she made money moves, this may or may not be what she meant. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, the “Bodak Yellow” emcee just won huge in the defamation lawsuit against an Atlanta YouTube blogger who made false accusations against the Bronx native.

A decision was made by a federal jury on Monday against the blogger, Latasha Kebe — better known as Tasha K — for defamation and two other forms of misconduct through both her internet posts and YouTube videos which claimed that Cardi B had herpes, used cocaine, and “f*cked herself with beer bottles on f*cking stripper stages.”

The Lawsuit

After Tasha K made dozens of YouTube videos filled with some pretty raunchy accusations, including proposing that Cardi B had been a prostitute, did hard drugs, cheated on her husband Offset, and had STDs, the rapper decided to file a lawsuit.

“I felt extremely suicidal,” said Cardi b when she first took the stand on Jan. 10 to explain how the false reports affected her mentally.

She continued: “I felt defeated and depressed and I didn’t want to sleep with my husband.”

During the defamation trial, Tasha K also testified, saying that she knew the information she was sharing about Cardi B was untrue, but later attempted to retract her statement after being questioned by her own attorneys.

The Verdict

While the official verdict awarded Cardi B $1.25 million in damages, that number could potentially increase following further proceedings this week.

On Jan. 25, the legal steps to figure out if Tasha K will owe additional punitive damages or have to pay the “WAP” rapper’s legal damages will begin. 

In the weeks to follow, Tasha K’s lawyers will also have the opportunity to challenge the official verdict to the judge who, should he decide to sustain it, will be able to appeal the verdict to a federal appeals court.