Cardi B and her inquisitive nature often spark topics of conversation on social media. For the latest trending topic, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey entered the chat with the rapper.

On Dec. 20, Cardi B opened up the floor for her followers’ input regarding a question she had about cryptocurrency.

“Do you think crypto is going to replace the dollar?” she wrote via Twitter.

The tweet brought in a wave of responses including one from Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey's Opinion On Crypto

“Yes, Bitcoin will,” Dorsey quickly replied to Cardi B.

His response caused the tweet to gain more traction, which resulted in Cardi B’s initial question turning into a full blown debate.

Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin Track Record

Based on Dorsey’s ongoing backing of Bitcoin, his opinion shouldn’t come in as a shock. He has been a widely known Bitcoin maximalist as “he believes Bitcoin has all — or nearly all — the value that can be found among all the digital assets and would dominate the space,” according to Benzinga.

Plus, he even talked to us about “The Promise of Bitcoin” alongside Black experts Isaiah Jackson and Najah Roberts.

“Learning about it and appreciating what it is for what it is and the potential it creates is important,” Dorsey told AfroTech. “The most exciting thing is, you can help develop and steer the future of it as well. Bitcoin is not owned by one person; it’s owned by everyone who participates in it in whatever way they do.”

Following the rebrand of his company Square to Block to further push into crypto, AfroTech also recently shared that the CEO announced the board members of his bitcoin development endowment, ₿trust, with Jay-Z earlier this month. The collaboration has given 500 BTC to fund bitcoin development with an initial focus in Africa and India.

“They’ll now work towards defining the operating principles as they think about how to best distribute the 500 bitcoin towards development efforts,” Dorsey wrote via Twitter.

Bitcoin Over Everything?

As the hype around cryptocurrency keeps blowing up, many celebrities and public figures have been tapping into the space.

Recently, National Football League (NFL) player Odell Beckham Jr. made headlines after announcing he will receive his new salary in Bitcoin, as previously reported by AfroTech.

Along with the Los Angeles Rams wide receiver, New York City mayor-elect, Eric Adams took the political world by storm when he requested to take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin when he becomes mayor.

So, the question remains, will crypto eventually replace the dollar?