Randy Moss once dominated the football fields with his powerful presence in the NFL as a wide receiver, but now he’s taking his talents to the food industry.

In early 2023 the NFL Hall of Famer inked an expansion deal with Chick-A-Boom, a Philadelphia, PA-based restaurant chain founded in 2019. 

On July 29, Ross and Chick-A-Boom celebrated the launch of a new drive-thru restaurant in Philly, marking the first major move since his official partnership with the company.

Connecting The Dots

“I’m a chicken lover,” Moss said in an official press release shared with AfroTech. “Not only was I impressed by the food, but after hearing Brittany’s story and understanding that a lot of our same goals and morals align, it was only right to invest.”


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After launching two Chick-A-Boom restaurants in the midst of the pandemic, founder Brittany Tolliferreo has experienced whirlwind success with the business, per the press release.

In just under four years, the company has grown to three times its size and has also inked massive deals such as having concessions at the Eagles Stadium and the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philly. 

Expanding The Business

What’s more, Chick-A-Boom also launched two food trucks and officially branded products, including the “Boom Juice” and “Sky20 Water,” according to the press release.

In 2023 alone, the company announced a catering service and entertainment arm, as well as concession deals with six Pennsylvania universities and colleges.

Now, since Moss’ initial excitement after running across a Chick-A-Boom ad via Instagram, the retired football player has come on board for a major expansion deal that includes the aforementioned grand opening, but ultimately a Chick-A-Boom Sports Club that will be housed in Ross’ hometown of West Virginia. The full deal includes more restaurant and drive-thru locations as well.

The Ultimate Partnership

“It’s amazing to go into business with a legend,” Tolliferreo said. “Not only does Randy have an entrepreneurial spirit, but he is a man of his word and he believes in the vision.”

Beyond that, Moss will also join forces with the restaurant chain’s entertainment division to launch, “Randy Moss All-Star Comedy Jam,” where the goal is to book artists to headline the event.