At a special event last month, Apple made some major product and partnership announcements. One of the most notable was Apple’s partnership with Oprah Winfrey to create a docuseries on mental health for its streaming service, Apple TV Plus.

Now, the series is going global with the help of Prince Harry, who will work alongside Winfrey, according to the Associated Press.

By working on Apple’s docuseries, Prince Harry can build on his previous work around mental health with the royal family’s Heads Together campaign. He told AP News that the show is an “opportunity for us to understand ourselves and those around us better.”

Prince Harry working with Apple is big, because the company has been tapping international names as it tries to get into streaming. Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg have also been named as key players in Apple’s new streaming service.

The company has been in talks to start its own streaming service since last year. Its competitors, Netflix and Amazon, have already made impacts with their services at the Oscars. Recently, Spielberg came under fire for allegedly speaking out against Netflix and the Oscars’ eligibility requirements.

Apple is setting itself up to be a lead contender in the streaming industry with celebrities like Prince Harry and Oprah. As it continues to push for a more competitive service, pricing will be the next hurdle for Apple to overcome.