Since the recent protests for racial justice, companies have scrambled to clean house, positioning themselves to be more diverse and inclusive. In addition, plenty of organizations have remixed their marketing to speak to a more multicultural audience. Still, some are missing the mark.

According to NewsOne, former television executives Jessica D. Lane Alexander and Lori J. Hall founded Pop’N Creative “to help brands cultivate an authentic connection with multicultural audiences.”

Launched in 2020, the agency focuses on digital and social content creation, experiential design, and masterful storytelling, the site reads.

“We are absolutely, unapologetically passionate about multicultural marketing and helping brands get it right,” Hall told NewsOne.

Both Hall and Alexander aim to help disrupt conflicting representation for Black girls in mainstream marketing, especially on the beauty of African-American attributes such as natural hair.

“While I was super excited to see someone who looked like me on the box and in the commercial, it did make me want to have straight long flowing hair and that part made me question what I had personally which was not a relaxer,” Alexander said of the Just For Me relaxer commercials she saw as a child. “It really made me want to go that route when what I had, which is natural hair, should have been enough.”

As companies continue to find the right—and just—way to move forward in the current social climate, Alexander and Hall are just looking for more commitment to learning their audience.

“We’ve been conditioned to think ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a radical statement and it’s not,” said Alexander. “We want to see brands step up and continue the conversations and dialogue. It’s okay to have a misstep at first as long as you’re committed to making your second step stronger and as long as you’re committed to doing more and learning from it.”