Pharrell Williams has added a new investment to his growing portfolio.

The music mastermind’s nonprofit Black Ambition has invested in Trend — a curated content creator network — according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Empowering Content Creators

In its pre-seed funding round, led by VC firm Flybridge, the company raised $3 million. 

For Pharrell, his investment in Trend was based on how dedicated they are to the content creator community. What’s more, he himself is all about aiding entrepreneurs.

“I was immediately drawn to their mission of empowerment and individuality,” Pharrell shared in a statement, according to the outlet. “They are enabling a whole new set of creators to harness the power of what makes them unique and allowing brands to tap into that magic and gather content from around the world, all while working through a single community and platform.”

Trend Shares A Statement On Its Mission

“We believe anyone with a smartphone should have the power and tools to become a creator,” Trend co-founder and CEO Ramon Berrios said. “Today’s creators shouldn’t need to rely on pre-built audiences or the influencer economy, this is why we’ve built a community where passion partners with our platform to bring image and video content to over 1,000 brands, while empowering global creatives to make a salary doing what they love.”

Additional Investors

In addition to Pharrell, investors included Techstars Ventures and Twitch co-founder, Kevin Lin; Crunchyroll co-founder, Kun Gao; Kabam co-founder, Holly Liu; and Rotten Tomatoes co-founder, Patrick Lee.

Plans For The Pre-Seed Funding

The majority of the new funding is set to help Trend expand into new industry verticals and have a wider outreach to businesses with the ultimate goal of taking over the space. Per the outlet, Trend has produced over 100,000 pieces of content and has paid out over $1 million to creators. 

“This will allow us to further our mission of becoming the world’s largest creative studio, without ever having to be constrained to a single studio space,” Berrios said about the $3 million raise.