“P-Valley” star J. Alphonse Nicholson credits cannabis for helping him focus on his acting career. Now, he can use a tailored strain in a collaborative effort with Ball Family Farms (BFF).

Cannabis Has Helped Nicholson With Anxiety

According to a press release,Β Nicholson discovered the positive effects of cannabis after being introduced to BFF products. After battling with anxiety his entire life, BFF’s terpene-rich cannabis helped him push through his rigorous schedule.

Fast forward to now and the television star and BFF brand ambassador will give consumers a chance to tap into the same benefits of the plant with the launch of “The Phonzie.”

The strain will be released in California retail stores in August 2022. It will reflect Nicholson’s areas of interest as it relates to cannabis use such as calmness and relaxation.

“I’m a huge fan of sativa-dominate hybrids that still have a slight indica feel. Chris and his team cultivated exactly what I wanted,” said Nicholson, according to a press release. “From the nose to the structure The Phonzie is truly a beautiful strain. Its smooth taste gives you an excellent high that allows you to move throughout your day calm and relaxed, feeling energized and not heavy.”

What To Expect From The Product

As for the product, it is described as a mixture of Bruce Leroy and Laura Charles. More specifically, consumers should expect a taste similar to Skittles and cream that will smell like a fruit basket.

The strain was “pheno-hunted to incorporate terpenes limonene and caryophyllene, which are associated with calm and relaxation, aimed at easing anxiety and stress.”

“Without terpenes, you’re smoking air,” said Chris Ball, CEO of Ball Family Farms, in a press release. “The terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids; each element is going to give you a different experience. We try and focus on that here at BFF because the entourage effect is more essential than THC alone for a top-tier product.”