Wu-Tang Clan legend RZA is the latest to partner with Calm for a project.

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, the god revealed how his partnership with the mindfulness meditation app was part and parcel of his larger world view.

“I say meditation is better than medication,” he said to the outlet while explaining that he also practices veganism and meditation as part of a holistic approach to health. “A lot of equations I had to figure out in life came to me through long walks. There was a point when people thought I was bugged out…Right before Wu-Tang had really gathered, I’d walk [on] Staten Island. I’d walk through all the neighborhoods and people would look at me and think I was talking to myself and shit. But I was contemplating. I was calculating.”

The “King of the Sleeping City” — narrated by LeBron James — is actually the second project that RZA released in the so-called “mindfulness space.” The first, an EP called “Guided Explorations,” was released in partnership with the Tazo tea company.

Additionally, RZA isn’t the first celebrity to partner with Calm. As AfroTech previously reported, Scottie Pippen — one of the greatest NBA players of all time — also did a partnership with the app back in September 2020.

Pippen told Business Insider that it was the latest in a series of voiceovers that he’d done (he’d just completed a voiceover for Michelob beers), and he wanted to expand his repertoire.

“Calm came to me and put the offer to me to tell a story about the history of basketball,” he said to the outlet. “So I thought it was pretty neat, very fitting, being that I played in the game. It was something that I felt would have longevity, whether I was dead or alive. So, as I said, it was something that I felt was a great fit. And it gives me, a basketball player, the opportunity to tell the history of the game in a calming way, to kind of lull my listeners to sleep, if I could say that.”