OnlyFans is no longer just only for adult content. The streaming service wants a new reputation that pushes a different agenda for its creators — starting with its app.

According to several reports, OnlyFans — which has only previously been accessible through its website — created a brand-new app earlier this year that offers videos with some of its biggest creators. What comes as a surprise from the notoriously explicit platform is that its new app shows no nudity. That’s right, OnlyFans is getting wholesome to add its services to Apple and Google app stores.

The ad-free app is called “OFTV” and it officially launched back in January, but this week OnlyFans says that it’s marketing the app to attract those who aren’t already subscribed to the streaming service. It reportedly offers a library of over 800 videos that includes original content from chefs, yoga instructors, podcasters and more. It even features an original series called “Unlocked” that shares conversations with creators like Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne and Holly Madison.

According to Bloomberg, the new app is part of the brand’s strategy to rebrand and have a new claim to fame as it works toward a $1 billion valuation. The website-turned-app is on a mission to prove that its platform and technology can offer more than raunchy entertainment, but a place for creators to house their exclusive pay-for-play content for subscribers.


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“OFTV provides a super convenient way for fans to watch content from favorite creators,” OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely tells Bloomberg. “There’s no adult content on OFTV. Because it’s not being monetized and there’s no direct impact on creators’ earnings, we are able to be in the app store.”

At a time where platforms like Patreon and Substack are also gaining popularity, OnlyFans hopes to come out on top as the platform of choice when it comes to giving content creators a way to directly monetize their work and most loyal fans. Though OFTV is free and the company doesn’t plan to profit from it, OnlyFans says that it’s instead being used as a  marketing tool for both the brand and its creators.

If OnlyFans can continue to attract more mainstream creators and celebrities to its platform, it has the potential to become the next billion-dollar media giant that will turn the average person into a future content creator.