Rapper Talib Kweli is the first artist to release an album on Patreon, a content subscription service — says Variety.

Though other smaller acts have offered their musical efforts on the platform, Talib is the first major musician to launch a Patreon rollout. His new album “Cultural Currency” will be available to fans via three tiers, ranging in price from $5 per month to $25 per month.

In addition, each option offers unique benefits, including exclusive access to one new track dropping every month for 12 months and merch.

“When the music industry told me no, I built an industry around myself. Working with Patreon is the next step in this evolution,” he said of the partnership. “Patreon was created by artists for artists. I am proud to be born who I am, but my chosen tribe consists of artists and people who love art. Sharing my art on Patreon allows me to connect with my tribe in amazing and innovative ways.”

Sadly, the unprecedented campaign has mostly been overshadowed as Talib also launched a nonstop Twitter attack on a Black woman user after being accused of being a colorist and abuser.

Certainly, critics and fans will have to resolve whether they will continue to support Talib in light of his recent behavior. However, this business move will stand as a blueprint for other indie artists as they navigate an ever-changing music industry.