One North Carolina high school student will have a big decision on his hands after being accepted into 33 colleges.

ABC11 reports the bright student is Alexander Fusi. Coupled with his acceptances, Fusi has also locked in $1.4 million in scholarships. What’s more, Fusi is grateful colleges are hoping for his academic excellence to grace their campus for the upcoming fall semester.

“It’s a good feeling to know that I got into all these places, and all these places definitely wanted me to come,” Fusi said, according to ABC11.

Fusi Will Attend Tennessee State University

As for more on the graduate, Fusi attends Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy and has attributed his success to the school. In addition, Fusi took all honors classes and in light of recent news, it is safe to say he was a stellar student. Along with his academic performance, Fusi was held to a high standard among his peers for his maturity, kindness, and generosity.

“We have some friends there who are ready and willing to support him,” said his mother, Lakeisha Fusi, according to ABC11. “The best compliment you can get as a parent is that people who don’t live with your child every day speak highly of his maturity, his kindness, his generosity and how respectful he is to other people.”

Fusi’s next steps will lead him to Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN.

Sharing Headlines With Nigerian-American Teen Ashley Adirika

We have been highlighting our stellar grads all season long.

Joining Fusi, Nigerian-American teen Ashley Adirika also made headlines for being accepted into all eight IVY league schools, as AfroTech just told you. The feat is impressive as the opportunity to attend an elite school is less than 10 percent. Adirika’s eyes are set on Harvard University.

“The tears just started to come out. Like they started to flow out,” Adirika said, according to ABC News. “My siblings and I were just really excited, like screaming, jumping around. It was crazy.”