Outside of acting and comedy, Tiffany Haddish has recently been focused on expanding her education.

Vibe reports that the comedian is currently enrolled in courses at Harvard University.

New Harvard Student

Via her Instagram story, Haddish announced the news while live and direct in one of the prestigious school’s classrooms. The star has been locked in on the finish line of earning a certificate.

“Hey, y’all. It’s your girl Tiffany Haddish. I ain’t been on here lately. That’s because I’m getting educated,” she shared, according to the outlet. “That’s right. I’ve been going to Harvard for the last three days. I’m a student now! Look, this is the class. Bam! Harvard!”


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It wouldn’t be Haddish if she didn’t add a dash of humor into the mix.

“I’m getting a certificate! Educated, baby! They said I wasn’t gon’ make it! I made it! Don’t be jealous, don’t be jealous. Fill out your paperwork. You can get in, too—no, you can’t! No, you can’t!“

Praise From A Fellow Classmate

Although Haddish jokingly closed out the video, she’s serious about facing her books. In a Twitter thread, another student on campus took a moment to commend Haddish on her new journey in education.

“As a classmate with you at Harvard, you added so much insight and wisdom. Thank you for making our class better.”

Familiar Faces Who Attended Harvard

Haddish’s pursuit of a Harvard certificate comes after celebrities such as LL Cool J, Swiss Beatz, and Tyra Banks, per the outlet.

On May 27, Yara Shahidi became an official graduate of Harvard University. As previously reported by AfroTech, the “Grown-ish” actress studied in the institution’s Social Studies & African American department with a focus on “Black political thought under a neocolonial landscape.” Following her huge achievement, Shahidi is ready to take on what the future holds.

“I love what I do in the acting, entertainment, and producing worlds. I am so excited for this future moment of being able to pour my all into all of those areas,” said Shahidi. “For the majority of my career, I’ve always had an essay or assignment due. This feels like a new chapter where I can invest time into more of what I love to do.”