The year 2020 was — to say the least — a crazy year, but according to retail giant Nordstrom, last year was a year for “reflection.”

According to a recent press release put out by the company, executives were taking notes in the wake of the social and political upheavals of 2020. The Black Lives Matter movement, amongst many other movements, let many Fortune 500 companies know — in no uncertain terms — that “window dressing” wasn’t going to be enough. People were tired of being used as pawns during one month of the year, only to be tossed aside when it was no longer politically expedient to champion their causes.

“We are a part of the communities we serve, and that means we have a responsibility to create a sense of welcoming and belonging for all,” said Pete Nordstrom, chief brand officer and president of Nordstrom, Inc., in a statement. “We know our impact extends beyond our own walls and we’re committed to taking steps to be a part of the solution by making Nordstrom a better, more inclusive, and anti-racist company for our employees, customers, partners, and communities.”

In keeping with this proposed commitment, Nordstrom has set multiple goals for themselves in 2021 and beyond including:

  • The company plans on increasing Black and Latinx representation among its managers by at least 50 percent.
  • The company says it will be delivering $500 million in retail sales from brands owned by, operated by or designed by Black and/or Latinx individuals.
  • The company promises to increase charitable donations to organizations that promote anti-racism to $1 million per year for the next five years.

Additionally, the company says that it will increase the presence of Black-owned companies — including Black-owned beauty brands — in its retail and online stores.