Rap icon Nicki Minaj has once again used her worldwide influence to break the internet.

This week, Minaj — who’s also dropping new music on Friday — made her grand return to Instagram after a four-month hiatus to show off in a post wearing nothing but her pink Crocs blinged out with bedazzled Jibbitz and Chanel-jewels.

Nicki Minaj also posed for the photo using only two pink heart-shaped pillows to cover herself, while sporting several diamond necklaces, bracelets and anklets in a decked-out all-pink office.

While it’s unclear if Minaj will be formally partnering with Crocs in the future, her single post still shook fans to their cores as they scoured the internet to find the now almost sold-out pair of shoes.

According to Google Trends, “pink Crocs” and “Nicki Minaj Crocs” became the breakout searches of the internet, and fans reportedly crashed the retailer’s website with their searches as well.


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Minaj’s Instagram post did more than make a fashion statement online, it also sent Crocs’ skyrocketing, causing a 4,900% spike in sales for pink Crocs specifically, according to The Sole Supplier.

Over the course of the pandemic, Crocs have become a staple shoe for consumers looking for comfort while quarantining. As a result, stocks for the brand have soared and the company has been pulling in record amounts of revenue from sales of the $50 shoe.

MarketWatch even reports that although many people have doubted the potential of Crocs, the brand has remained a “divisive fashion piece for the last two decades.”

In addition to Minaj, other celebrities have also co-signed the popular shoe amid the pandemic — including Questlove who recently rocked a gold pair at the 2021 Oscars.

He posted his pair with his Oscars outfit on Instagram with a caption that reads, “I became a believer in quarantine last year when I decided I’m tired of suffering while stunting. Comfort first at this stage in my life.”

Editorial note: This article has been updated and revised.