Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm over the past year and continue to be a driving force across all industries. However, people are still scratching their heads, puzzled, wondering what exactly is an NFT.

Black Tech Green Money’s Will Lucas aims to give some answers to the lingering questions behind the latest crypto craze during an episode of the podcast. 

Lucas compares the moment behind the NFT craze to that of when the Internet was first introduced to the world. While it has seemingly changed our lives for the better, there weren’t always people on board who understood the newfound concept — yet here we are.

“The truth is we are in a moment, and by that moment what I mean is that some years ago when the Internet was really in its upward trajectory that [caused] people to leave things like the AOL CDs that would come in the mail and starting to use more things that were Internet-driven like web-based browsers and things like Google, Yahoo, etc.,” shared Lucas.

To break things down further, he explains that the point of sharing the connection between the two is that once the user interface becomes something that’s fluent and easy to use — that’s when tech can realize mass adoption.

Here’s that breakdown…

Room For Opportunity

“We want things to be simple,” Lucas continued. “We believe inherently that technology is supposed to make things easier. It’s supposed to make things more efficient and so when technology doesn’t make things more efficient, the user interface is complex, and it’s hard to learn, and it’s hard to navigate — we just don’t gravitate toward it. The problem with that is you can miss an incredible opportunity to take advantage of a landscape that in the future more people will purchase land on if I can use a real estate parallel.”

Furthermore, Lucas explains the world of opportunity provided through the web and the metaverse, including digital art, when the user interface is less complicated to understand.

“When the user interface becomes more fluent, more people will be trying to take advantage of something because it’s easier to get in,” he explained. “But today, when it’s difficult to get in only the people who are patient enough or [operate from] a mindset of growth who say, ‘I’m going to take the time to understand this, I’m going to learn it, I’m going to become proficient at it,’ those are the people who get the opportunity for the land grab.”

Learn More About The Future Of NFTs

For more on how NFTs can be an opportunity for growth and more Black ownership, listen to the full Black Tech Green Money episode below.