A 22-year-old just became a millionaire by taking selfies.

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is clearly starting his year off right. A simple experiment to recreate a time-lapse of selfies over the course of five years led the Indonesian computer science student to become a millionaire, and he can thank non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Surprisingly, the accidental millionaire only ventured into the crypto world because “it might be funny,” according to The Independent. Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali turned 1,000 selfies, captured from in front of his computer between 2017-2021, into NFTs priced at 0.00001 ETH ($3) on Jan. 10, 2022.

“Uploading my photo into nft lol https://opensea.io/Ghozali_Ghozalu,” Ghozali wrote on Twitter.

Ghozali's Collection

Ghozali’s NFTs gained traction fairly quickly, even landing in the peripheral view of high-risk crypto traders. Just one day after the digital tokens were released on the market, 35 were sold and an additional 200 were purchased by the end of the day.

“Can’t believe people actually bought my photo #NFT 35 already sold in one day,” Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali said via Twitter.

Ghozali Everyday

Ghozali’s collection continued to soar in popularity, and hundreds of traders flocked to secure his selfies through the OpenSea platform. The Independent reports that some of Ghozali’s NFTs are now selling for up to 4 ETH ($12,500) each.

“I was thinking it might be funny if one of the collectors collected my face,” Ghozali told AFP. “I never thought anybody would want to buy the selfies, which is why I only priced them at $3.”

Ghozali’s story is another testament to the booming crypto marketplace, and his NFT collection, Ghozali Everyday, now boasts a market value estimated at 374 ETH ($1.2 million), according to The Independent.