As the buzz around cryptocurrency continues, one leader in the industry has opened up about why she believes it is here to stay.

Why Don't People Trust Cryptocurrency

Following an Art Basel experience, where many began to question the legitimacy of cryptocurrency, NFT strategist and founder at Saint Rock Media Kalah Haley explores her take on the value of cryptocurrency.


“I think a lot of people have a pretty bad misconception,” Haley told Black Tech Green Money podcast host Will Lucas.

From there, Haley opened up about blockchain technology, which she describes as the base layer technology within the industry.

“The base layer technology that we’re talking about is blockchain technology,” said Haley. “The firstborn child use case of blockchain technology is cryptocurrency. So, usually, when I’m having this kind of conversation, I love to kind of have a first-principles conversation around the use case and the efficacy of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is a use case of blockchain. So, um, cryptocurrency is not going anywhere.”


The Future Of Digital Currency

Haley also shared her thoughts on Bitcoin specifically.

“I think Bitcoin is a really good bet, simply because it’s the most decentralized. No one controls it,” she shared. “That’s also why Bitcoin is also the hardest to build on top of because no one controls it and no one is in charge of actually maintaining it — like the technology is fantastic. No one owns it. So, Bitcoin is really safe, in my opinion.”

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Kalah Haley is an NFT strategist, and founder at Saint Rock Media, which helps companies all over the world craft cultural experiences and events.